The Brand Story of Heartstrum

Welcome to my portfolio site. They say opportunity favors the prepared mind, so why not cultivate inspiration. Perhaps you started out with an instrument in your hand and a song in your heart. Maybe it was a message, a mission, a product, or some innovation to better our lives. You dreamed of a day when you could share your vision with the world. Today is a day for dreamers.

My youth was spent playing guitar with friends and chasing down what simple gigs we could find. Like many, my understanding of how I could develop that creative spark matured with time and experience. It was in the U.S. Air Force that I first found my voice as a Broadcaster, News Anchor, and Producer.

There were always guitars, friends, and memories made along the way. One of my favorite stories was an honor to share and will forever remain an inspiration, a 3-day international multicultural music festival in South Korea. The Incheon Pentaport Rock Fest brought together 40 U.S. bands and 40 South Korean bands for a fusion of sounds as well as foods, games, fashions, friendships, and more! It was truly a first, their own Woodstock experience. With all the tragic stories we see daily on the news, it was a great way to change the pace and set our hearts and minds to a tune in celebration.

Today, back home in the United States, I continue to develop  campaigns with heart. I'm here to help scale your business with multi-screen advertising solutions. My goal is to bring the excitement to your audience with originally inspired innovation and marketing. Click the Linkedin icon below to catch up with my current career. 


... Play from the heart.